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    5 Best Money Management Apps In 2022


    Apr 29, 2022 ,

    Money management is an essential skill one must have to be able to navigate the constant bills that comes our way,that’s why you need the best money management apps to handle it.

    Making money is hard, and money if not properly managed, might be wasted. That’s why breakinthewall.com has carefully selected the 10 best money management apps that will help you manage your finances.

    Keeping a budget and track of your financial record can be exhausting and tiring, that’s why there are apps that can help you manage your finance, save and help you live more financially free.


    PiggyVest was the first online investment and saving app in Nigeria and Africa, which was launched in 2016. The platform offers it is over one million active users the ability to invest, save and earn while saving. It offers targeted savings, where you can set a target for yourself and save to reach your target. PiggyVest is one of the most used money management apps as they announced that they paid out over 4 billion naira in 2021. 


    Mint is one of the most-used apps for money management, if you are looking for an app that can link all your bank accounts, credit cards, and all financial debit expenses then mint is good for you. You can also use it to plan your expenditure, bills, and investments.


    The pocket guard is a wonderful personal financial app that is built to help you manage your finances on a microscopic level. This app helps manage your income, and bills, and ensuring es that you stay updated on your spending per day. The app is built in such a way that it manages our everyday spending, what’s left for you to spend daily. Pocketguard has a user-friendly interface that offers its users the best experience.


    GoodBudget is one of the nicest budgeting and financial planning apps out there, which uses virtual tracking software to synchronize your shares, budget, expenses, and debts. The app is designed in such a way that your monthly expenses are differentiated from your irregular spending. 


    YNAB which stands for, You Need a Budget, is a personalized financial app that helps you to manage your money. The app is designed in such a way that every money that enters your help is assigned to a particular purpose. This can range from short-term to long-term purposes, depending on which one works well for you. The sole purpose of this app is to teach you how to manage your money, and it is a good app to use if you are looking at proper saving habits. The app synchronizes all your financial records so you can see them all at one glance.

    These are some of the most used money management apps that are used in 2022, and if you are looking for how to save either for the long term or short term, you can consider using any of these apps. One thing is certain until you decide to be financially disciplined, you might not have enough for rainy days to come. You can check out this article, https://www.onlinemakeeasy.com/save-money-and-manage-your-finance/ on how to manage and save your finance.

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